NetSuite for Advertising, Media and Publishing

NetSuite is the leading cloud based ERP solution for advertising, media and publishing companies. NetSuite offers a wide range of modules and functionality to ensure your company is able to operate on a single business management platform.

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Is your company finding it increasingly difficult to stay ahead of the curve due to using disparate or out of date software programs? You’re not alone, and Zanovoy aims to help you revolutionize your operations using NetSuite Services Resource Planning (SRP). A snapshot of the many benefits your business will receive through implementing NetSuite’s game-changing solutions include real-time, accurate viewership of your entire organization, rapid expedition of your company’s bid-to-bill lifecycle using process integration across sales, premium service delivery, and optimized management of time and expenses. And the best part? NetSuite is a modular system, which means you can start small and scale as needed. Plus, its cloud-based structure makes IT costs a thing of the past, since there’s no hardware involved, and, all upgrades are automatically administered, giving you even more additional time to focus on the things that matter most.

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