Oil & Gas Industry: Managing Your Global Network of Companies with NetSuite OneWorld

Most Oil and Gas companies are a network of inter-related companies and entities. This can be challenging to manage, as data and processes need to be organized in a way that is secure yet efficient. NetSuite OneWorld provides Oil & Gas companies with the technology platform they need to take control of their global network of companies.

NetSuite OneWorld is a comprehensive solution designed specifically to meet the needs of global companies operating in the oil and gas industry. With its sophisticated features, NetSuite OneWorld enables your company to manage multiple subsidiaries, multiple currencies, multi-language requirements, and compliance regulations with ease.

Real-Time Visibility of Your Global Operations

NetSuite OneWorld provides real-time visibility into your entire business, with a single view of all operations across the globe. This ensures that your company can take advantage of global opportunities while staying in compliance with local regulations and customs.

Multi-Subsidiary Management

With its sophisticated multi-subsidiary management capabilities, NetSuite OneWorld allows you to manage multiple subsidiaries within a single database, streamlining intercompany transaction management whilst still providing entity-level segmentation and reporting.

Multi-Currency Transactions & Tax Handling

NetSuite OneWorld offers powerful multi-currency transaction support, allowing you to process transactions in multiple currencies. Additionally, the software provides automated tax handling so that you are always in compliance with local regulations and tax obligations.

Real-Time Financial Consolidation

Gain real-time visibility into your global finances with NetSuite OneWorld. The software provides automated financial consolidation, allowing you to quickly and easily review the performance of each subsidiary both individually and as part of your global corporation.

Designed for Global Growth & Expansion

NetSuite OneWorld is designed to scale with your business, so you can grow without worrying about the technology behind your operations. The software provides you with a cloud-based business management platform that easily expands into new markets to help you take advantage of global opportunities, while still being in control of all aspects of your business.

Interested in Learning More About NetSuite for Oil and Gas?

NetSuite OneWorld is the ideal solution for Oil & Gas companies looking to effectively manage their global network of companies. With its sophisticated multi-subsidiary management, multi-currency capabilities, and automated tax handling, the software provides your business with the platform it needs to stay organized and compliant while taking advantage of opportunities in new markets. Contact us today to learn more about how NetSuite OneWorld can help your company run more efficiently.

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