Oracle NetSuite is the World’s Leading Cloud ERP

Oracle NetSuite is a true cloud ERP solution implemented in over 30,000 businesses worldwide. From Sales and CRM, to Inventory, ERP and Accounting and Financials, NetSuite gives users a single platform of technology to manage their entire business.

Are you considering Oracle NetSuite?

If you’re considering NetSuite for your organization, you’ve probably already done some research and know that it’s a great solution. But what you may not know is how to get started with NetSuite. That’s where we come in.

At Zanovoy, we’re experts in Oracle NetSuite solutioning, implementation and customization. We can help you get the most out of your NetSuite investment and ensure that it meets your specific company needs.

NetSuite Product Dashboard

NetSuite Modules Explored

NetSuite is a powerful, comprehensive business management software suite used by over 40,000 organizations around the world. It offers a complete set of modules for managing ERP, financials, inventory, ecommerce, CRM, manufacturing, project management, warehouse management and more.

NetSuite is easy to use, scalable and customizable, making it a great choice for companies of all sizes. It’s also one of the most popular ERP solutions on the market, with a large and active user community.

NetSuite Accounting

Financial Management

The financial management module is central to NetSuite and provides users with a real-time, consolidated view of the financial status of the company. It includes features such as multi-currency support, transaction tracking, auditing, and budgeting.

NetSuite Ordering

Order and Billing Management

The order and billing module streamlines the process of managing orders, invoices, and payments. It includes features such as automated billing, dunning management, and tax calculation.

NetSuite Inventory

Inventory & Supply Chain Management

The supply chain and inventory management module helps businesses manage their inventory, warehouse, and manufacturing processes. It includes features such as lot and serial tracking, kitting, and assembly.

netSuite Manufacturing

Manufacturing and Production

The manufacturing and production module helps businesses manage their manufacturing processes. It includes features such as bill of materials, work orders, and product costing.

Contact Relationship Management

The contact relationship management module helps businesses manage their customer, contact and supplier relationships. It includes features such as sales force automation, customer support, and marketing automation.

SuiteCommerce for e-Commerce

The SuiteCommerce module helps businesses create an engaging online shopping experience for their customers. It includes features such as responsive design, search engine optimization, and order management.

Human Resources

The human resources module helps businesses manage their employees and compliance with labor laws. It includes features such as employee onboarding, time and attendance, and payroll administration.

NetSuite Project Management

Project Management & Job Costing

The project management module helps businesses manage their projects and resources. It includes features such as task management, project accounting, and resource scheduling.

NetSuite Data Analytics

Data Analytics

The analytics module provides users with real-time insights into the performance of their company. It includes features such as reporting, dashboards, and data visualization.

NetSuite Warehouse Managementx

Warehouse and Fulfillment

The warehouse and fulfillment module helps businesses manage their inventory, warehouse, and shipping processes. It includes features such as goods receiving, putaway management and warehouse optimization planning.

NetSuite Services Resource Planning

Services Resource Planning

The services resource planning module helps businesses manage their service operations. It includes features such as work order management, contract management, service agreements and task scheduling and management.

Coupa Managed Services

Financial Consolidation and Close

The financial consolidation and close module helps businesses manage their financial consolidations and close process. It includes features such as multi-currency support, account reconciliation, and trial balance report generation.

NetSuite Multi Entity Management

Multi Entity Management

The multi entity management module helps businesses manage their financial consolidations and close process between entities. It includes features such as inter-company transaction automation, automated journal management and inter-company transaction approvals.

NetSuite Cash Management

Advanced Financials & Cash Management

The advanced financials module provides users with advanced features for managing their finances. It includes features such as cash flow management, revenue recognition, and advanced financial reporting.

NetSuite Fixed Asset Management

Fixed Asset Management

The fixed assets module helps businesses manage their fixed assets. It includes features such as asset tracking, depreciation, amortization as well as providing a register for key asset related information such as lease and loan agreements, service and maintenance history and compound asset build ups.

netSuite Tax Management

Tax Management

The tax module helps businesses manage their taxes. It includes features such as tax calculation, tax compliance, and tax reporting across over 150 different countries.

NetSuite Professional Services Automation

Professional Services Automation

The professional services automation module helps businesses manage their projects and resources. It includes features such as project management, time and expense tracking, and resource scheduling.

NetSuite Financials

Revenue Recognition

The revenue recognition module helps companies manage their revenue recognition process. It includes features such as contract management, revenue recognition rules, and deferred revenue calculation.

NetSuite Project Portfolio Management

Project Portfolio Management

The project portfolio management module helps companies manage their projects and resources. It includes features such as project management, task management, and resource scheduling.

NetSuite Data Analytics

Data Analytics & Financial Performance

The data and analytics module provides users with live insights into the performance of their company across all departments and key department functions. It includes features such as reporting, dashboards, and data visualization.

Zanovoy are Leading Oracle NetSuite Solution Experts

Zanovoy is a leading provider of business consulting services, specializing in cloud enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems. We have implemented some of the world’s largest and most complex ERP systems using NetSuite. We offer a full suite of services to help organizations select, implement, and optimize their ERP systems. Our NetSuite Consultants are ready to help you on your journey to modernizing your cloud ERP systems.

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Business Benefits of the NetSuite Business Management Platform

NetSuite is the world’s most deployed cloud ERP business management platform, used by a wide range of industries and over 60% of Fortune 500 companies.. The NetSuite solution helps businesses manage their financials, operations, and customer relationships in a single, integrated system. The benefits of using the NetSuite platform include:

NetSuite is Connected

NetSuite connects all of your critical business data in real-time, so you can make informed decisions and take action quickly. With NetSuite, there’s no need to waste time with manual data entry or consolidating information from multiple siloed systems.

NetSuite Provides Automation

NetSuite automates key business processes, such as financials, PO management, and supply planning. This frees up time for you and your team to focus on more strategic tasks.

NetSuite Allows Increased Visibility

NetSuite gives you visibility into all areas of your business, so you can identify issues and opportunities quickly. The built-in reporting and analytics tools provide actionable insights that help you make informed decisions.

NetSuite Gives You Back Control

NetSuite gives you the control you need to manage your business effectively. With NetSuite, you can customize the platform to fit your specific business needs. And because NetSuite is cloud-based, you can access it from anywhere, at any time.

NetSuite Gives You Access to Real-Time Data

NetSuite provides real-time data that is always up-to-date. This gives you the information you need to make fast, informed decisions.

NetSuite Gives Accuracy/Trust

With NetSuite, you can be confident that your data is accurate. The platform includes built-in controls to ensure data integrity and tight business processes ensure the data that is entered into NetSuite is aligned to your data management policies.

NetSuite Provides Scalability

NetSuite can scale with your business, so you can add users, functions, and modules as needed. NetSuite is also available in multiple languages and multiple currencies, enabling you to expand your business globally.

NetSuite Enables Collaboration

NetSuite improves collaboration by giving you the ability to share data and work on projects in real-time. With NetSuite, there’s no need to send emails back and forth or wait for files to be updated.

NetSuite Drives Efficiency

NetSuite is designed to be efficient, so you can get more done in less time. The platform includes features such as workflow automation and drag-and-drop interface that make it easy to use.

NetSuite Supports Processes

NetSuite includes built-in controls and audit trails that support compliance with full auditability. The platform also helps you automate processes to improve efficiency and reduce errors and gain visibility over every user, system and integration driven change.

NetSuite Offers Flexibility

NetSuite is highly configurable, so you can tailor it to meet your specific business needs. NetSuite also integrates with a wide range of third-party applications and systems.


NetSuite is ideal for businesses in a wide range of industries, including manufacturing, distribution, software, services, retail, and ecommerce. The platform includes industry-specific features and functionality to help you run your business more effectively.

Interested In Learning More About NetSuite?

Get in touch with our team of NetSuite experts. We help clients to navigate the sales process to ensure your NetSuite solution is optimized for your business and industry. Reach out for an obligation free discussion about how NetSuite could improve your business.

Our Clients

We engaged Zanovoy via our NetSuite Sales Rep. We had two major problem. We needed to implement NetSuite in rapid time due to an impending cutoff date from our previous owner ERP, and we also need help moving our data from the previous ERP to NetSuite. The Zanovoy team took only two days to understand our business which we were very impressed by and implemented NetSuite in three weeks.  We met our deadline and have since been working with the Zanovoy team on other projects.

John KorpaczVP Finance & Controller at Formativ Health

We have been using Zanovoy as our Managed Service Partner for one year now.

They are very responsive and more importantly proactive, they keep

up updated on the latest NetSuite releases and explain the impact on our business.

Renee L. Burke, CPAController FilmRise

We were struggling with our NetSuite instance then someone recommend us to Zanovoy, and we have been using them ever since. We are entering our second year of service with the Zanovoy team and we could not be more pleased to be working with such a responsive team.  They have helped us with Advance Revenue Management, Integration our Order Management System to NetSuite, Implementation of NetSuite Project management. and the day to day task that involves NetSuite and our other systems. We are very pleased with  Zanovoy level of service.

Shireen SoheiliDirector of Product

We love working with the Zanovoy team. They understood our business and helped us with building out a customized solution as well as the Implementation of NetSuite Multibook functionality. They are always there to answer our questions quickly and accurately

Matt BeckerController Extreme Reach

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