Coupa Software Platform

Coupa is a leading spend management software platform built for businesses to help plan, control and optimize spending across locations and business departments.

Giving Users Better Visibility and Greater Control Over Their Procurement, Supply Chain & Accounts Payable Processes

Coupa’s Business Spend Management (BSM) platform provides powerful capabilities for everyone in your company, power users, and suppliers to conduct all of their business spend management activities in one place. With Coupa Software, you can take control of your company’s spending and optimize your financial performance. Coupa’s BSM platform offers a suite of features to help you manage your business spending.

What is Business Spend Management (BSM)?

Business Spend Management (BSM) is a term for the procedures, policies, and technology used to track and manage an organization’s spending. The goal of BSM is to optimize an organization’s spending in order to improve financial performance.

With the Coupa Softwar Platform, you can ensure that every opportunity to optimize your procurement process is taken advantage of, and that you are minimizing unnecessary costs where on-time payment discounts or better pricing from different vendors is available

Business Benefits of Coupa

  • AI-powered Supply chain design helps get products to market faster by modelling complex sourcing scenarios to find the best combination of risk and cost.
  • Mitigating 3rd party risk helps to maintain SOX, anti-bribery, anti-corruption and Sunshine Act compliance.
  • Eliminating Bottlenecks helps to maximize production productivity by ensuring the proper inventory, materials, and equipment are always on hand.
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Explore the Coupa Business Spend Management Platform

coupa spend management software

Control Spending by Creating and Enforcing Spending Policies with Coupa

One of the most important ways to control spending is by creating and enforcing spending policies. With Coupa, you can set up rules and limits on how much money can be spent in different categories, and who can approve spending. This helps to ensure that your company is spending its money wisely.

Optimize Supplier Contracts and Pricing with Coupa

Coupa Software can help you to optimize your supplier contracts and pricing. With Coupa’s contract management features, you can track and manage all of your company’s contracts in one place. This makes it easy to see which contracts are up for renewal and up for negotiating better terms with your suppliers.

Automate Purchase Requisitions and Approvals with Coupa

Coupa Software can help you to automate your purchase requisition and approval processes. This means that you can streamline the way that your company purchases goods and services, and make it easier to track and manage spending as well as implement approval processes that suit the needs of your businesses’ different departments.

Track Spending Across the Company with Coupa

Coupa’s powerful reporting and analytics features make it easy to track spending across your company. This visibility into spending can help you to identify areas where your company is overspending, and to make better decisions about how to allocate your company’s resources.

Analyze Spend Data to Identify Opportunities for Cost Savings with Coupa

Coupa’s spend analysis features make it easy to analyze your company’s spending data. This can help you to identify opportunities for cost savings, and to make better decisions about where to strategically increase or decrease budgets.

The Coupa Software Platform Advantage

Coupa’s BSM platform is designed to be easy to use, so you can get started quickly and see results fast. And, because Coupa is a modern cloud-based platform, you can access it from anywhere, at any time on any device.

Key Features of the Coupa Spend Management Cloud Platform

Coupa provides a suite of integrated spend management features to help you manage liquidity, optimize purchasing and procure to pay processes.

Coupa Procurement

Coupa’s procurement software helps you to streamline the way that your company purchases goods and services. With Coupa Software, you can automate purchase requisitions and approvals, and track and manage spend across the company.

Coupa Invoice Automation

Coupa’s invoice automation features help you to streamline your Accounts Payable process. With Coupa software, you can capture invoices electronically, and route them for approval. This can help you to save time and money on processing invoices.

Coupa Travel & Expense Management

Coupa’s Travel & Expense Management software helps you to control and manage your company’s travel and expense spending. With Coupa, you can automate the reimbursement process, and track and manage spending across the company.

Coupa Payments

Coupa’s payment features help you to streamline your company’s payments and early/on time payment discount management. With Coupa, you can easily see how your cash flow and costs can be controlled by taking advantage of supplier discount incentives for payment.

Coupa Supply Chain Design and Planning

Coupa’s Supply Chain Planning software provides the visibility and collaboration you need to make smarter decisions and optimize supply chains. With Coupa, you can see the big picture of your supply chain, and optimize it for cost, service, and risk.

Coupa Strategic Sourcing

Coupa’s Strategic Sourcing software provides the tools you need to optimize your sourcing process in real time. With Coupa, you can manage your sourcing projects, and collaborate with your suppliers in one place.

Coupa Contract Management

Coupa’s Contract Management software helps you to streamline your contract management process. With Coupa, you can automate contract workflows, and track and manage all of your company’s contracts in one place. Coupa also helps by providing updates and reminders about critical changes in contract terms as well as upcoming opportunities for contract renewals.

Contingent Workforce Contract Management

Coupa’s Contingent Workforce Management software helps you to streamline the sourcing and management of your contingent workforce. With Coupa, you can manage your contingent workforce in one place, and gain greater visibility into key metrics associated with maintaining and optimizing an external pool of human resources.

Coupa Treasury Management

Coupa Software Treasury Management software provides the tools you need to gain better control over your companies spend. With Coupa, you can manage your cash flow, and make better decisions about how to allocate your company’s financial resources across all business units, departments and entities.

Coupa Supplier Management

Coupa’s Supplier Management software helps you to streamline the way that your companies manage suppliers. With Coupa, you can automate supplier onboarding and performance reviews, and track and manage supplier risk in one place.

Security and Compliance

Coupa’s Security and Compliance features help you to keep your company’s data safe and secure. With Coupa, you can control access to your data, and ensure that only authorized users have access to sensitive information.


Coupa’s integration capabilities help you to connect your company’s systems and data. With Coupa, you can connect your spend management platform with your ERP and synchronize data across all of your company’s systems.

Coupa Spend Analysis

Coupa’s Predictive Spend Insights feature helps you to forecast future spending, and identify trends and patterns in your company’s cash flow. With Coupa, you can make better decisions about where to allocate your company’s resources, and how to best manage your spending.

Analytics and Reporting

Coupa’s Analytics and Reporting features help you to make sense of your company’s spending data. With Coupa, you can create custom reports, and visualizations to gain insights into your company’s spending trends.

Interested in Learning More?

The team at Zanovoy are experts in solutioning, implementing and supporting Coupa BSM software. If your business could benefit from a more robust spend management platform that helps you to budget, plan for spend, monitor progress and gain access to real time insights, then reach out to the team at Zanovoy to arrange an obligation free discussion.

If you are interested in arranging a demonstration, please contact us to speak with an expert.

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