NetSuite Integration Services

NetSuite is a flexible platform with modern tools to help support deep integration to both on-premise and off-premise software solutions.

Our Clients

We engaged Zanovoy via our NetSuite Sales Rep. We had two major problem. We needed to implement NetSuite in rapid time due to an impending cutoff date from our previous owner ERP, and we also need help moving our data from the previous ERP to NetSuite. The Zanovoy team took only two days to understand our business which we were very impressed by and implemented NetSuite in three weeks.  We met our deadline and have since been working with the Zanovoy team on other projects.

John KorpaczVP Finance & Controller at Formativ Health

We have been using Zanovoy as our Managed Service Partner for one year now.

They are very responsive and more importantly proactive, they keep

up updated on the latest NetSuite releases and explain the impact on our business.

Renee L. Burke, CPAController FilmRise

We were struggling with our NetSuite instance then someone recommend us to Zanovoy, and we have been using them ever since. We are entering our second year of service with the Zanovoy team and we could not be more pleased to be working with such a responsive team.  They have helped us with Advance Revenue Management, Integration our Order Management System to NetSuite, Implementation of NetSuite Project management. and the day to day task that involves NetSuite and our other systems. We are very pleased with  Zanovoy level of service.

Shireen SoheiliDirector of Product

We love working with the Zanovoy team. They understood our business and helped us with building out a customized solution as well as the Implementation of NetSuite Multibook functionality. They are always there to answer our questions quickly and accurately

Matt BeckerController Extreme Reach

Integrate Your Business Systems to Streamline the Flow of Information and Increase Efficiencies

From managing internal enterprise applications, such as ERP and CRM, to sharing data with business partners, Zanovoy guarantees all systems communicate effectively with one another through using a combination of pre-built connectors and custom integrations to make your company-partner ecosystem as efficient as possible.

NetSuite Integration Services

Scale Your Business with Confidence with a Seamless NetSuite Integration

Whether it’s scaling your business, introducing innovative new technology, or making changes to your current business processes, system integration is essential. You can experience a swift reduction in manual processes and allow for complete flexibility as your organization grows.

Zanovoy provides you with a fast, cost effective, reliable way to integrate and manage existing software solutions and data with your ERP or CRM. Leveraging the capabilities of applications such as Salesforce, Concur, Expensify, Workday, ADP, our NetSuite integration solutions make the right information available to those who need it, when they need it, ensuring optimal relations with customers, partners, employees, and suppliers.

Zanovoy are NetSuite Integration Experts

Zanovoy NetSuite ERP integration experts create ideal solutions for your business, so that you benefit from unified data that is always accurate across all applications and can offer full integration planning, design and development. As a result, you enjoy complete visibility and control of your business operations.

Integration between your system and 3rd party tools allows you to automate processes and information transfer between different systems and to enhance interactions with customers, partners, employees and suppliers. Better access to your business data contributes to sound decision-making, improves adaptability to change and reduces operating costs.

NetSuite Integration Services
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NetSuite Integration Services

How does a NetSuite Integration Work?

NetSuite uses a standard integration technology called SuiteTalk. It’s a SOAP-based XML API that you can use to exchange data with NetSuite. The main benefits of using SuiteTalk for integration are that its platform independent, scalable and secure.

SuiteTalk can also use the REST integration options which provide added flexibility for certain types of integrations.

What Applications Can I Integrate NetSuite to?

Salesforce Managed Services

Salesforce & NetSuite Integration

Salesforce is a customer relationship management (CRM) application that helps companies manage their interactions with customers. Zanovoy has extensive experience integrating NetSuite with Salesforce, allowing companies to manage all their customer data in one place.

There are several ways to integrate NetSuite ERP and Salesforce. One common way is to use the NetSuite Connector for Salesforce, which is a pre-built application that connects the two systems. The connector allows companies to synchronize data between NetSuite and Salesforce, so that customer information is always up-to-date in both applications.

Another way to connect NetSuite and Salesforce is to build a custom integration. This approach allows for a higher degree of flexibility, so that companies can tailor the integration to their specific needs.

Concur Integration

Concur & NetSuite Integration

Concur is a travel and expense management application that helps companies manage their employees’ work-related trips and costs. Zanovoy has extensive experience integrating NetSuite with Concur, so companies can manage the synchronization of employee expense transaction data.

The NetSuite Connector for Concur, which is a pre-built application that connects the two systems, is a fast and simple way to achieve unity. The connector allows companies to synchronize data between NetSuite and Concur, so that travel expenses are always up-to-date in both applications.

Another way to link NetSuite and Concur is to use NetSuite’s integration tool set. By choosing a custom integration, NetSuite clients are able to have more granular control of which data points will be synchronized, and also allow for the information stored in custom fields to be included in automated data transfers.

Expensify Integration

Expensify & NetSuite Integration

Expensify, is another expense management software that allows companies to manage employee expenses. Expensify is used to help businesses streamline expense claims and travel reimbursements between systems. Zanovoy has extensive knowledge of NetSuite integrations, specifically with Expensify simplifying expense management.

The NetSuite Connector to Expensify is a pre-built program that connects both systems. This is the most common method chosen by our clients. This connector allows companies to sync data between NetSuite and Expensify meaning expense-specific coding and data, such as expense categories and vendors can be maintained, leading to less errors.

Workday Managed Services

Workday & NetSuite Integration

Workday offers suite of point solutions to help businesses better manage different areas of their organization, such as Financial Management, Human Capital Management, Budgeting and Planning and Spend Management., Zanovoy are experts in integrating NetSuite and Workday so companies can better link key data points across the various solutions.

Connecting Workday and NetSuite can help to ensure that all key metrics and reporting are aligned between the two systems in real time.

ADP Integration

ADP & NetSuite Integration

Integrating ADP & NetSuite will help automate the flow of Payroll related information to ensure that your records are live and up to date, with all financial impacts being accounted for. ADP and NetSuite can be integrated via a pre-built connector, or through a custom integration.

Whilst pre-built connectors offer NetSuite clients a quick and easy way to manage data integrations, it does come with an ongoing monthly fee for usage. By creating a custom connector, customers are able to better manage which data points are synchronized, and when, as well as reduce long term costs by managing the connector internally.

What Does a Typical NetSuite Integrations Project Look Like?

A NetSuite integration project will generally involve the following steps:

1. Discovery & Planning

During this phase, we will meet with you to understand your business processes and how the NetSuite platform needs to integrate with your other software systems. We will also assess risks and data that need to be synchronized and develop a plan for the integration.

2. Design & Development

Once the integration plan is approved, we will begin developing the connector. This phase generally takes 4-6 weeks, depending on the complexity of the integration.

3. Testing & Deployment

During testing, we will test the connector to ensure that it is functioning correctly. Once testing is complete, the connector will be deployed to your production environment.

4. Support For Your NetSuite Integrations & Existing Software

After the connector is deployed, we will provide support to ensure that everything is working as expected. We will also be available to answer any questions that you may have about the integration.

How can Zanovoy Help Support Our Custom Integrations?

Managed Services

Zanovoy offers a managed service option for customers who do not want to manage the integration themselves. With this service, we will monitor the connector and make sure that it is working properly.

Professional Services for Integrations

Zanovoy offers professional services to help customers with their NetSuite integration projects. We can help with everything from discovery and planning, to design and development, to testing and deployment.

Support Services for Integrations

Zanovoy offers support services for customers who need help troubleshooting their integration. We can provide assistance with troubleshooting issues, answering questions, and provide guidance on how to use the connector.