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Reporting and Analytics for ERP Software That Adapts to an Evolving Business World.

Join over 5,200 + organizations that use Adaptive Insights Planning and Budgeting to quickly model different scenarios and see how possible changes will impact your business. Get the insights you need to make decisions with confidence.

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For agile enterprises, company-wide planning is essential.

Adaptive Insights Planning and Budgeting allows you to plan collaboratively across your enterprise without needing spreadsheets or legacy systems. You can achieve business agility in a fast-moving environment.

Adaptive Insights is the world’s #1 business planning software for mid-market companies. Companies use Adaptive Planning to plan, model, collaborate and take action across the workplace. The result is more agile businesses with better decision-making capabilities.​

Financial Planning

Adaptive Planning gives  you everything you need to ensure the success of financial planning, analysis, reporting, and continuous improvement across your entire organization. Quickly create accurate forecasts and budgets and evaluate multiple scenarios across large data sets. In minutes, you can create stunning reports and collaborate from any device, web, mobile or Excel.

Extended Analytics

Create a collaborative environment to analyze your business data with a drag-and-drop interface. Use predictive and descriptive analytics, enhance forecasting models, and support finance with investment analysis tools

Enterprise Resource Planning Ready

Plan across the entire organization from one single platform that’s been built from the ground up for those who require agility and adaptability. Connect your people and processes so every step of the planning process is optimized.

Unify Your Planning Software

Adaptive Planning is powerful. It allows businesses to manage all planning tasks in one place with no need to add another program to use alongside your finance and accounting software. Achieve better business outcomes and add value to your company with one solution that adapts to every user, process and device.

Plan Your Workforce

You can take workforce planning to the next level by quickly producing dynamic workforce and skills-based plans that drive greater business results. To achieve your strategic goals, strengthen the collaboration between HR leaders and business leaders to optimize workforce plans.

Sales Planning

Rapidly optimize sales resources, improve rep close rate, and increase accuracy of forecasting. Adaptive Planning helps you to understand your pipeline value requirements, create rep capacity plans, set up balanced territories and assign the correct quotas and work together on what-if scenarios. By linking your financial and sales plans, you can get a single source for truth.

Adaptive Insights Data Sheet

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Adaptive Insights Planning and Budgeting by Workday: The New Standard in Enterprise Business Planning Software for NetSuite, SAP, Oracle and Sage

Looking for Planning Software that is powerful, programmable, secure and scalable? 

Meet Adaptive Insights Planning and Budgeting.

One platform with the power to master every planning scenario.

Elastic Hypercube Technology

Patent-pending Elastic Hypercube Technology, the in-memory engine with the power and performance that you want. It also allows you to model any object you like from a wide range of data sources.

Long Range Planning

Build top-line forecasts that can extend well into the future. Model different scenarios to see the financial impact of changing assumptions.  Create more accurate forecasts with rolling, three-year or five-year views.

Financial Modeling

Deliver deeper analysis of your master data, balance sheet items and forecasting models. Use new features like solution explorer to drill down into complex objects. With the ability to build investment models in Excel that are fully integrated into Adaptive Planning.

Collaboration Tools

Work collaboratively across your business on what-if scenarios with multiple people at one time using an easy, web-based interface or on a desktop PC.

Personalization and Productivity Tools

Build flexible planning groups, where each user can see only the information necessary to them based on permissions. Each person might see one level of detail, while managers can also see dashboard views combined across all planning scenarios.

Industry Leading Security

Security threats are ever-evolving and you must ensure that your data is protected. Adaptive Insights’ app level security, extensive auditability and encryption technology ensure that your data is safe and accessible at all times.

Connect Any System or Silo of Information

No matter which enterprise system you use, the Adaptive Insights platform can integrate with them all. Whether you use our data integration service or your own, you can rely on our automatic data integration. 

Continuous Innovation

We are committed to providing a world-class solution for all customers. Workday users will enjoy the Power of One, a united environment unlike any other.

Workday Adaptive Insights Planning and Budgeting

Smarter planning for all businesses. Workday Adaptive Planning is preferred by more customers than any other cloud-based planning or analytics tool. To learn how you can get started, get in touch with our team of Adaptive Planning experts.

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