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Used by more than 3,000 organizations worldwide and recognized as one of Vendor Landscape Matrix’s leaders in 2018, Adaptive Insights is the premier leader in cloud-based business analytics solutions for companies and nonprofits across the spectrum. The company’s service component (SaaS) allows finance and management teams to work in unison to plan, monitor, and report on both fiscal and operational performance. Whether your team is seeking to improve budgeting, forecasting, consolidation, or (a) similar objective(s), Adaptive Insights can help you reach a multitude of goals and in kind, bring you a unique and steadfast competitive advantage. But don’t take our word for it—with a near-pristine track record of consistently high ratings and reviews, many of its users continue to attest to Adaptive Insight’s competence as must-have, transformational platform.


Businesses of all sizes have the responsibility to accurately calculate, collect, and remit transactional taxes. Prior to Avalara, most were forced to rely upon costly hardware and tedious manual processes for these tasks, which yielded skewed and often inaccurate results. Avalara changed this trajectory altogether by creating a cloud-based software platform that provides a host of sales and other transactional tax compliance solutions, which is the reason we believe it to be in every company’s best interest to put the power of Avalara to the test. This software offers advanced algorithms that automate the sales tax compliance process and keep your business in great standing by conducting tax calculations according to all state and local jurisdictions, providing compliance reports, and offering pre-built integrations to over 600 leading ERP/POS products and services—all of which help drastically reduce errors and audit susceptibility.

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Sales force automation (SFA Software), a product offered by its namesake company, is among the most widely used resources for generating and automating sales, due to its lightning fast ability to streamline all phases of the sales process—from lead management to analytics to forecasting. Using SFA can bring tremendous improvements to your team’s management of accounts and contacts, opportunities, leads, sales, and workflow, and pull critical data points that give you the necessary foresight to plan for the future. With over 100,000+ customers and 2 million subscribers across the globe, Sales force automation’s aptitude for delivering high quality results has been proven countless times, making it an undeniable choice for satisfying all your sales development needs.


Through holding true to its mission of enabling independent best-of-breed applications to work together as one, Celigo continues to pave the way for the future of cloud-based application integration. Among its offerings are its industry standard iPaaS platform, CloudExtend, and prebuilt SmartConnectors, the last of which offer full-featured, highly-customizable integrations between popular cloud applications as managed SaaS apps. Formulated to fit the needs of clients in banking, eCommerce, among other industries, Celigo brings a wide-ranging assortment of templates and assistant apparatuses right to your fingertips, substantially cutting down the amount of tediousness and guesswork you’ll spend completing everyday to-dos moving forward.

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YayPay is a complete Accounts Receivable (AR) management software that gives your team more time, more insight, and more control over every aspect of your AR. We automate manual tasks and communications, handle credit assessments, predict cash flow, and give your customers more payment options with our cash app. YayPay gives you the freedom to focus on what really matters for your business: lower DSO, deeper customer relationships, strategic insights, and more money.

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Your Supply Chain: Mobile. Accurate. Real-Time.

Mobile Inventory Management for NetSuite

Apparel, Footwear and Accessories companies working with Zanovoy are turning to cloud solutions like NetSuite to scale faster and keep their customers happy. This growth can be hindered, however, if you don’t have tight control of your inventory. Regardless your ERP solution, it’s nearly impossible to have 100% inventory accuracy if you are using manual or paper-based processes. 

Zanovoy recommends using mobile inventory management to extend NetSuite across your supply chain.  If you want to see Increase Inventory accuracy to 99%+, a mobile solution can automate process like Managing fulfillment. Real-time transactions update NetSuite for an accurate picture of your operations.

Why Use RF-SMART for Mobile?

RF-SMART is an industry-leading SuiteApp that provides some of the most advanced real-time inventory management tools like Pick Station,Mobile Pick Pack Ship. Hundreds of NetSuite customers have turned to RF-SMART to eliminate mis ships and increase the speed of their operations.

Zanovoy recommends RF-SMART because:

  • Built in NetSuite (Native)
  • Has quick installation and training times
  • User-friendly UI
  • Advanced, value-adding functionality like Cycle Counting 

Customer Success

Beauty Industry Group
Manufacturer and Distributor of Hair and Cosmetic Products

“Having accurate inventory in bins has increased the efficiency for our sales order pick, pack, ship process. We can trust that our product is in the correct location, and we know what items are back-ordered. It’s very important that our inventory numbers are correct in NetSuite.”

“RF-SMART is an all-encompassing WMS that does everything we need it to do. We have the control we wanted, and using RF-SMART, we are more efficient and able to scale as our business grows.”

Midwest Equipment
Distributor of Construction Equipment

“RF-SMART is faster than our previous solution and updates NetSuite instantaneously once the transaction is complete. That’s the beauty of actually being Built in NetSuite. Their team is also very helpful and quick to respond when we need them.”

“Training new users now takes less than 2 hours. Our employees like RF-SMART – we’ve never seen a more user-friendly system. Even our service technician prefers RF-SMART – he’s scanning instead of manually entering in serial numbers and then printing barcode labels for the items he refurbishes”

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