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Benefits of Centralized Managed Services to Manage Your Business’ Entire Software Ecosystem

Managing the support needs of your various software solutions can be daunting and complicated for most businesses. With so many applications, integrations and vendors, it is often difficult to pinpoint the precise cause of the bugs and solutions to the problems that can arise.

There are a number of NetSuite Partners offering managed services for the NetSuite platform. This service traditionally has included core NetSuite support along with specializations in custom scripts, workflow automation design and implementation, and custom report writing.

However, few partners have expanded their managed services offerings to include the various applications that many businesses use alongside NetSuite to manage their organizations. Common software platforms that are used in support of NetSuite as a business’ core platform can be divided into two main areas.

Specialty Business Applications

Specialty business applications are implemented to streamline processes that are specific to certain business processes, such as spend management, tax management or big data analytics.

Examples of SBAs include:

Coupa Spend Management

Adaptive Insights

Avalara Tax Management

Salesforce CRM

NetSuite Planning & Budgeting 

Integration Platforms & ESBs

Integration platforms allow users to create custom integrations between NetSuite and other cloud-based and legacy on-premise systems to streamline information flow and eliminate duplicate data entry.

Examples of Integration Platforms include:



Dell Boomi

The Benefits of Centralising Your Managed Services and Support

The benefits of centralizing your managed services to include all the software platforms that make up your business’ ecosystem are many.

Some of these benefits are:

Timely Problem Resolution

When support issues arise, having a single point of contact for all your software platforms can help ensure that problems are resolved quickly and efficiently. All too often, businesses can get bogged down in finger-pointing between different software vendors when trying to resolve an issue.

With a holistic managed services provider, you can be confident that your support issues will be handled quickly and efficiently without the need to coordinate between multiple vendors.

Improved End User Satisfaction

Another key benefit of using a centralized managed services approach is improved end-user satisfaction. When your team experiences problems with your software, they want those problems resolved quickly and without hassle.

If they have to contact multiple support teams in order to get their issues resolved, this can lead to frustration and a poor user experience. By consolidating your managed services under one umbrella, you can provide your team with a streamlined support experience that will lead to improved satisfaction.

Reduced Support Costs

In addition to the benefits of improved end-user satisfaction and timely problem resolution, consolidating your managed services can also lead to reduced support costs.

When you reduce the number of support teams involved in resolving issues, you can also reduce the overall cost of support. In many cases, businesses can see a reduction in support costs of as much as 30-40%.

Improved Business Continuity

Another key benefit of using a holistic managed services approach is improved business continuity. In today’s fast-paced business world, it is critical that your software solutions are always up and running.

If an issue does arise, having a single point of contact for all your software needs can help ensure that the issue is resolved quickly and efficiently, with minimal disruption to your business.


There are many benefits to using a holistic managed services approach to support your business’ software ecosystem. By consolidating your managed services under one provider, you can improve end-user satisfaction, reduce support costs, and improve business continuity.

If you are looking for a NetSuite partner that can provide holistic managed services, contact Zanovoy today. Our team of NetSuite experts can help you maximize the benefits of consolidating your managed services across all software platforms.

About Zanovoy

Zanovoy is a NetSuite Alliance Partner that specializes in providing holistic managed services to businesses of all sizes. We have a team of NetSuite experts that can help you maximize the benefits of consolidating your managed services across all software platforms. For over five years, we have helped businesses simplify support for a wide range of applications, including NetSuite, Salesforce, Oracle, SAP, Coupa, Adaptive Insights, Avalara, and Salesforce. Contact us today to learn more about how centralizing your support and managed services can lead to the benefits discussed above.

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